HDPE steel belt reinforced spiral bellows

Product Feature

1. The pipeline material with strong corrosion resistance is PE, which will not be corroded by acid, alkali and oil.

2. The pipeline with strong resistance to external forces has the shape of spiral structure and flexibility. When it is subjected to external impact, it has strong resilience.

3, strong aging resistance pipeline substrate characteristics at 20 degrees can be effectively used for more than 50 years, has a strong aging resistance.

4, strong cold resistance in the environment of minus 60 degrees, pipe will not be frozen broken water.

5. The light weight is only 1/8 of the concrete pipe of the same specification and 2/3 of the traditional wound plastic structural pipe, which is convenient for transportation and construction and does not require large construction equipment, thus reducing the installation cost.

6. Low construction cost, light weight, convenient connection, and low requirements for excavation projects. It can save project time and costs in urban drainage project construction.

7, easy to connect the connection of various ways, simple, reliable.The site can be easily constructed.

8, superior abrasion resistance pipeline friction coefficient low, small resistance, transmission medium, drainage, sewage speed.

9, good environmental performance Pe itself is non-toxic renewable material, environmental health.

10,High ring stiffness can reach SN12.5 and SN16

Product Aplication:

1. Municipal engineering rainwater and sewage discharge

2. Industrial wastewater discharge and community drainage project

3. Salt transport and fishery water transport

4. Agriculture, forestry, drainage and irrigation

5.Water conservancy projects

6. Ventilation system

7. Cable and wire sheath

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